«A Big Lie» (German: große Lüge) the most beloved propaganda technique for many people today.

Well your appreciations are clearly correct. But as it has been clear, this is a very complicated problem on a personal level, destructive and invalidating, with a terrible affectation of the spheres of morals and affections.


But its approach is not with «subjective» assessments or accusations, despite the problem of happening in environments of abuse sought as discrete, hidden and fruit of an opportunism for the one who acts as «predator» of women.

The normative process of accusers, investigators, judges and intervention officials has the obligation to carry out the processes objectively and this is strictly in accordance with legal norms and other prudential legal instruments.

But many people a priori, and with just reason for how despicable these behaviors are, express their discomfort and indignation with subjective reasoning. It is not that this evil, we all react like this in front of many news because it is a mechanism of human behavior, and this is not undue or abnormal.

But many take their subjectivism created in an individual and personal way as a due response that «all» must have in front of these facts, not reconsidering that free and democratic systems of government have been built on the basis of legality, of a Constitution that It governs the entire Nation, determines that it is through the Laws that must govern the citizens, judges and congressmen, and the Executive system that impels and implements these laws.

And the fundamental thing in this is the strict adherence to the Legality that determines whether a person is guilty, innocent or not guilty, and express what you said about the possibility that a person designated as an aggressor or abuser can be or is not simply saying and reiterate, echo, what the laws and procedural normative bodies say. It is not undue nor should it be censored.

Whoever does this, judging with his personal subjectivity, evidences a clear incapacity or behavioral deformation respecting his obligation and that of all citizens to obey the Law and understand it as the only mechanism for resolving conflicts and penalties for offenders.

There are many who still do not understand what it means to live under the constitutive and legislative concept of «Empire of the Law» because they believe that their opinion is more relevant and important than this.

Many of these little people deceive themselves with such mental, almost pathological, and even embrace the idea that by their mere opinion the President elected by a people should democratically be removed and not be President.

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